Dr. Yftach Gepner

Dr. Yftach Gepner is a graduate of Ben-Gurion University's (Beer-Sheva, Israel) in the school of Public Health (2016). His PhD Thesis established the role of combined low-carbohydrate/Mediterranean or low-fat diet, with or without physical activity on various body fat depots (mentor: Prof. Iris Shai).

He then continued his training in the Department of Sport and Exercise at University of Central Florida, to better understand the field of exercise physiology in both applied and basic in nature (mentor: Prof. Jay Hoffman).


His research focuses on understanding the extent, intensity, and type of exercise needed to improve performance and health under a wide range of clinical conditions in a personal manner using cutting-edge technologies, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for assessing muscle damage and body composition, as well as markers of cardiometabolic health.


Dr. Gepner published over 40 peer-review articles that were cited nearly 900 times.

Dr. Nir Goldstein

Lab manager

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